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Lighting: it’s a versatile component on your property that adds functionality and beauty. Make your home or place of business shine with the help of Limbaugh Electrical Contracting. As your source for lighting installation in Jacksonville, FL, we’re committed to providing quality service that delivers beautiful and lasting results. Count on our team of trained and experienced electricians to improve the look, performance, and efficiency of your electrical system.

When it comes to electrical repair, installation, and replacement services, you can count on us. We’ve been serving the First Coast for nearly three decades. Our electricians utilize the latest methods and quality materials. Additionally, we come to each work site fully prepared. Our fleet of service vehicles includes parts and materials so that we can deliver solutions as quickly as possible. It is this fast, responsive, and proactive approach that allows us to help homeowners and business owners alike with all of their electrical needs.

Lighting Installation in Jacksonville, FL

Complete Lighting Solutions

One of the most important components of an electrical system is the lighting. It brightens up rooms, allowing you to live and work better. If something goes wrong with your lighting, it’s important to address issues before they affect your daily routine.

Improve the performance and efficiency of your property with our light fixture installation and replacement services. We offer a variety of solutions. From lightbulb replacement to new fixtures, we’re here to make things right. As seasoned electricians, we believe that no project is too complex for us. We handle all types of lighting work, including the electrical wiring that connects them. We’re thoroughly knowledgeable in many aspects of lighting.

Many of our services complement renovation and remodeling projects. For instance, if you are planning to revitalize your bathroom, we can make recommendations for brighter and more efficient lighting. We facilitate LED light installation as well. Likewise, we can also update your circuit by replacing light fixtures. Our services are adaptive, ensuring your electrical system is updated and ready to accommodate the latest developments in lighting.

Helping You Attain Energy Efficiency

Lighting is one of the biggest factors that influence the cost of your utility bill--it’s often the little things that add up the most. If you are concerned about energy consumption, we recommend supplementing your lighting with a ballast installation. The ballast is a component of your lighting that limits the amount of current that goes through your light. In turn, lightbulbs consume less power.

Different types of lights require different ballasts. Count on our electricians to find the right solutions that fit your situation. We examine your system and make the proper adjustments, ensuring your electrical circuit and lighting remain in good shape. Our team also conducts ballast replacements.

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