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Make the right changes to your business with services from Limbaugh Electrical Contracting. We facilitate electrical service upgrades in Jacksonville, FL. With services from our trained and skilled electricians, expanding the capabilities of your facility is a simple and hassle-free experience. Our seasoned team serves businesses and organizations across many industries and sectors.

Panel Upgrades in Jacksonville, FL

Why Panel Upgrades Matter

All of the electricity you use on your property comes from the service panel. It has many names, like the breaker panel and circuit breaker, among others. As the heart of your property’s electrical circuit, this component regulates the power that is distributed throughout your home or office.

As buildings age, technology and power usage habits change. The latest and greatest appliances get replaced by better--and more demanding--devices. Eventually, it can come to a point where your power panel cannot keep up with the demands. As a consequence, your business may encounter frequent power outages and tripped breakers--which can put a damper on your daily operations.

A failing electrical system doesn’t just make your workflow difficult--it also makes working dangerous. Panel upgrades are highly recommended if you work in an older building, or if you are considering a room addition. By expanding the capacity and capabilities of your service panel, you take smart steps toward improving the performance, efficiency, and safety of your electrical circuit.

Consider upgrading your electrical system if:

  • Your Property Is More than Two or Three Decades Old
  • You Are Planning a Room Addition or Renovation Project
  • You Are Upgrading Heavy Duty Appliances Or Adding New Equipment

You can count on our electrical contractor to meet your upgrade needs. We offer circuit breaker installation, repair, and replacement. We also facilitate heavy ups, which can reinforce the strength and stability of your electrical circuit.

Make Smart Improvements with Our Seasoned Electricians

A strong power panel ensures you get a sufficient amount of power throughout your property. Let us handle your circuit box upgrades. For more than 30 years, we have helped clients throughout the First Coast attain safe and efficient electrical power.

From upgrades to expansions, we cover all of your electrical needs. Our trained and knowledgeable electricians will evaluate your property and facilitate circuit breaker upgrades that are relevant to your situation. Whether you are upgrading an old installation, expanding your property, or adding a new, heavy-duty appliance, we take the smart and necessary steps to ensure your project is successful.

Contact us to learn more about our electrical service upgrades. We serve clients throughout Jacksonville, FL.

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